Library Policies

Patron Policies

Mobile Hotspot Equipment Policy (adopted 2016)

Media Conversion Policy (adopted 2016)

Test Proctoring Policy (adopted 2016)

Acceptable Use Policy (updated 2014)

Community Room Policy (updated 2015)

Exhibits and Displays Policy (updated 2017)

Non Resident Card Policy (updated 2017)

Patron Conduct Policy (updated March 2018)

3D Printer Policy And Procedure (updated 2015)

Professional Policies

Library Bill of Rights (American Library Association)

Freedom to View Statement (American Library Association)

Freedom to Read Statement (American Library Association)

Code of Ethics (American Library Association)

Illinois Records Confidentiality Act Policy

Library Policies

Routine Banking Policy (adopted March 2018)

Alcohol Policy 2018 (adopted February 2018)

Security Camera Policy (adopted 2017)

Reference Policy (adopted 2017)

Programming Policy (adopted 2016)

Collection Management Policy  (adopted January 2016)

Rochester Public Library Keys and Building Access Policy (adopted Febuary 2015)

Board Bylaws (updated December 2015)

Circulation Policy (updated 2016)

Disaster Plan  (updated 2017)

Disposal of Surplus Library Materials (updated 2013)

Policy Division of Responsibility (updated December 2015)

Ethics Ordinance (adopted 2013)

Freedom of Information Act (updated 2017)

Gifts to the Library (updated 2016)

Inter-Library Relationships Policy (updated 2015)

Investment of Public Funds (updated 2015)

Library Books Sales and Sales Tax Liability (updated 2014)

Material Reconsideration Form (updated 2008)

Public Participation at Board of Trustee Meetings  (updated 2016)

Severe Weather and Emergency Closing Policy  (updated 2014)

Personnel Policies

Personnel Policy (updated December 2017)

Library Planning

Strategic Plan (updated 2016)

Rochester Building Program (adopted 2017)

Technology Plan (updated 2014)